Board of Trustees

Code of Ethics (BORD113)
Committees (BORD104)
Meetings (BORD105)

College Administration

HIPAA Policy (CADM110)
Privacy Policy (CADM108)

Human Resources

Holidays (HMRS214)


Grading Policy (INST712)
Syllabus Policy (INST714)

Information Technology Services

Data Security (ITSV510)
Printing Policy (ITSV524)
Technology Fee (ITSV503)

Finance and Operations

Pets on Campus (PEAO210)

Student Services

Admissions (STSV201)
Advising (STSV205)
Attendance (STSV214)
Attendance (STSV214)
Course Audits (STSV213)
Course Audits (STSV213)
Grading (STSV203)
Student Life (STSV400)