College Resources Policy

It is the policy of South Puget Sound Community College that a “College Resources and Help” page will be published each quarter in the College’s Learning Management System (LMS), and made accessible by each faculty member in each of their classes. This page will include links to or information about the following college-wide services and resources:

  1. The Code of Student Rights and Responsibilities
  2. Access Services and policies
  3. The library, tutoring, and other academic support services
  4. IT and tech support
  5. College-wide grading policies (e.g. GPA and letter grade policies, grade appeal and replacement policies)
  6. Grade appeal procedures
  7. College-wide plagiarism and academic misconduct policies
  8. College-wide withdrawal policies
  9. Academic calendar and important dates
  10. Financial aid policies
  11. Emergency funds procedures
  12. Scholarship information
  13. Campus closure and inclement weather policies
  14. Non-discrimination and harassment policies and procedures
  15. Student Leave and Absence Policies (e.g. Absence for Faith or Conscience policy, Military leave policy, etc.)
  16. Mental health counseling resources
  17. Diversity, equity, and inclusion center
  18. Career Services
  19. Assessment Center
  20. Food Pantry
  21. Bookstore
  22. Security/Bias Incident Reporting
  23. Student Life
  24. Health and emergency policies and procedures
  25. Campus map
  26. College Catalog
  27. Student Handbook
  28. Quarter-specific operational items (ie. Covid protocols, weather information, graduation information, etc. as determined by the VP for Instruction).