Printing Policy

It is the policy of South Puget Sound Community College to limit printing to the minimum necessary to support student learning and the business of the College. 

To promote a less paper-centric environment, the College encourages the use of the larger, more efficient shared printers in lieu of expensive desktop printers. Inkjet printers are not supported at all. Desktop laserjet printers are supported only in those instances where confidentiality is an issue on shared printers. 

Students pay a per-page price in order to print on a limited number of student printers in classrooms, the Library, and other spaces on both campuses. This fee is collected by the Business Office Central Services and used to support the cost of maintenance and toner on student printers. Students are provided 25 free pages of printing per quarter. 

Faculty do not pay to print to Administrative printers; however, their printing is tracked via software. On Instructional printers, faculty are provided 750 free pages. Any faculty printing in excess of 750 pages per quarter will be charged back to the appropriate department by the Business Office.