BEDA Progression

Students enrolled in a Basic Education for Adults course are expected to make academic progress. In adherence to the progression policy guidelines stated in the State Board for Community and Technical College’s Basic Education for Adult Handbook, students will:

Show an ability to benefit through measurable academic progress. Measurable academic progress in the Basic Education for Adults program at South Puget Sound Community College will be demonstrated through gains in a National Reporting System (NRS) approved assessment tool and/or improvement evidenced by Basic Education for Adults department-generated assessments, including outcomes-based assessment portfolios;

Students age sixteen and over who meet the provisions of "Title III - Adult Education Programs" (Adult Education Act, 20 U.S.C. secs. 1201 et seq.) may enroll in certain basic education classes. According to WAC 132N-160-040, persons admitted into such classes (basic skills, academic support, and/or remedial) will be allowed to continue as long as they demonstrate, through measurable academic progress, an ability to benefit. (SBCTC Adult Basic Education Handbook, State Reporting and Compliance)

Enroll no more than three times in the same Basic Education for Adults course.

Students cannot be reported for a course in which they have already earned credit except when; such a repeat is necessary to satisfy a requirement for improving academic or skill progress (grades). In no circumstance will a student be reported more than three times for the same course – this is defined as two repeats in addition to the original enrollment. (SBCTC Policy Manual, Chapter 5, Appendix B, Repeat Course Rule)