Diversity Course Outcomes and Rubrics

Diversity Course Statement
Diversity designated courses at SPSCC provide students opportunities to develop awareness of their own social and cultural identities, seek understanding of others, and cultivate skills to communicate across cultures and differences.

Diversity Course Requirements
A Diversity ā€œDā€ designated course would minimally include at least three of the following learning outcomes:

  1. Evaluate perspectives on human diversity through theoretical and/or disciplinary frameworks.
  2. Use diverse cultural perspectives to address complex challenges.
  3. Analyze the impact of culture and socialization on expressions of social position.
  4. Analyze how individual and structural factors contribute to inequity.
  5. Perform interpersonal and intercultural skills necessary to communicate and collaborate across differences.
  6. Identify the historical and contemporary contributions made by marginalized individuals, groups, and movements.
  7. Evaluate their own positions of marginalization and privilege within a complex social framework.

Those teaching diversity courses will assess each included outcome using rubrics provided by Instructional Council.