Outreach & Recruitment Policy

South Puget Sound Community College (SPSCC) adopts the following policies regarding outreach and recruitment practices:

  1. SPSCC treats students ethically, respectfully and professionally in the marketing, recruiting, admissions and financial aid process so that students can make informed enrollment decisions about matters such as enrollment and financial aid without being subjected to high-pressure tactics from the institution or a related contractor, including but not limited to: 
    1. Falsely claiming that enrollment spots are limited or taking advantage of student’s lack of understanding to pressure students to enroll;
    2. Pressuring students to make an immediate financial aid decision; and 
    3. Engaging in repeated unsolicited contact.
  2. All SPSCC recruiting, admissions and financial aid personnel have appropriate education, job titles, and skills for their role and are overseen by the institution, which enforces a formal code of conduct for all such personnel. SPSCC ensures consistent, accurate information and a high quality of service. As applicable, the institution exercises oversight that ensures adherence to any regulations or other requirements governing recruiting activities in particular areas, such as Athletics.
  3. The college makes its policies related to consumer protection accessible and transparent. Information provided to students during any aspect of the enrollment process is accurate, complete, up-to-date and is provided to all students without any requirement that such students provide their contact information.
  4. SPSCC promptly honors any request from a student to remove that student’s name from phone, email or other contact lists. Student information collected through any aspect of the college’s enrollment processes is maintained and protected as outlined in the college’s Data Security policy, which is posted on the college website.


Enrollment Services leadership staff will ensure all staff have appropriate training and ongoing professional development to serve prospective students.