Tuition and Fees Refunds

South Puget Sound Community College will refund 100% of tuition charged during the first 5 instructional days of each fall, winter and spring quarters and the fourth instructional day in summer quarter. Withdrawals occurring from the sixth through the fifteenth instructional day of the quarter receive a 40% refund (Summer quarter is fifth through the eleventh instructional day). Refunds for students who receive tuition assistance or third-party funding will be returned to the original payment source at the established refund guidelines.

Before the term and up to 5th instructional day (Summer quarter is 4th instructional day) - 100% refund

6th to the 15th day of instruction - 40% refund

After the 15th instructional day - 0% refund

Petition for Policy Exception

Students are able to request exceptions to the refund policy using the Petition for Policy Exception (PPE). The Petition for Policy Exception (PPE) is a formal request for an exception to a published College policy. It can be approved only when the circumstance for the request is due to illness, death of an immediate family member, military service, hardship, or when there is documented evidence of institutional error. Refunds can take up to ten business days to process.

Military Tuition Assistance

Military Tuition Assistance (TA) is awarded to a student under the assumption that the student will attend school for the entire period for which the assistance is awarded. When a student withdraws, the student may no longer be eligible for the full amount of TA funds originally awarded. To comply with the Department of Defense (DOD) policy, South Puget Sound Community College will return any unearned TA funds on a prorated basis through at least the 40% portion of the period for which the funds were provided. TA funds are earned proportionally during an enrollment period, with unearned funds returned based upon when a student stop attending. In instances when a Service member stop attending due to a military service obligation, South Puget Sound Community College will work with the affected service member to identify solutions that will not result in a student debt for the returned portion in compliance with the DOD policy.