Ethical Conduct

As state of Washington employees, all college employees must comply with the Washington State Ethics in Public Service Law, RCW 42.52. This law requires that all public employees and state officials be accountable to the people of Washington and must consider this public accountability as a particular obligation of their public service using their official powers and duties and the resources of the state only to advance the public interest. This obligation requires that all employees and officers of the college:

1. Protect the integrity of the College by being independent and impartial in the performance of their duties;

2. Avoid the use of their positions for personal gain or private benefit;

3. Promote an environment free from fraud, abuse of authority and misuse of public property, and;

4. Protect confidential information to which officers and employees have access in the course of their duties.

All new employees are required to take the Ethics Training and IT Security Awareness Training within their first month of employment.