English Placement Policy

Any of the following methods will be acceptable for determining the initial placement of students into English courses at South Sound Community College:

  1. SBA scores will be accepted three years from graduation.  A score of 3 or 4 is needed to be placed into English 101. A score of 2 with a “B” or better in the High School Bridge to College course also makes students eligible for English 101.
  2. SAT and ACT scores will be accepted for three years from the date of the exam. An SAT score of 470 needed for English 101 placement. A minimum of 19 on both Reading and English ACT scores is needed for English 101 placement. NOTE: New research shows 19 is the typical ACT scored for Washington CTC’s:  Seattle Central = 19, Everett = 19, North Seattle = 19, S. Seattle = 19, Tacoma = 19.
  3. High school transcripts will be accepted for up to three years after graduation.  To place into English 101, students need at least a B average for a full year (1.0 English credit) in 12th grade English/Language Arts, AP Literature/Composition, or IB Literature/Composition.  
  4. AP (Advanced Placement) and IB (International Baccalaureate) exam scores may be used to place students into English 101; specific scores on the AP (4) or IB (5) exam may allow students to receive English 101 credit and be placed into English 102. AP and IB exam scores do not expire.
  5. ACCUPLACER may be used as a College Placement Test (CPT).  The ACCUPLACER Next Generation cut scores are still to be determined; these scores will be in place by January 2019.  At this point, ACCUPLACER refers to the current version.
    1. If students take the ACCUPLACER, only the Reading section is used for English placement.  
    2. Running Start students who do not have accepted SBA, SAT, or ACT test scores—or one of the accepted classes listed on their transcript—must take the Reading section of the ACCUPLACER.

A Guided Self-Placement Survey (GSP) administered in the SPSCC Testing Center. GSP is not an option for Running Start or VA students.