Repeated Course Policy

South Puget Sound Community College (SPSCC) adopts the following policy regarding course repeats:
Students may repeat a course to improve their grades; however, all grades will remain on the transcript. A course may be repeated only twice (taken a total of three times) unless otherwise specified in the college catalog (Washington State Board for Community and Technical Colleges, 2023). Students must re-register and pay all associated tuition and fees to repeat a course. Some programs may have more restrictive policies regarding repeating courses. Consult with programs for specific information.
Repeats must be for classes with the identical course department, number and credit level with the exception of college-initiated changes to course departments and/or numbers. All classes to which the repeat policy applies must be taken at SPSCC.
Students who plan to transfer to another institution and/or plan to apply to programs with specific grade/entrance requirements should be aware that their GPAs might be recomputed by that institution and/or program. Repeated courses will be received in accordance with the receiving institution and/or program’s own requirements and policies. Students receiving financial aid, veterans’ benefits, or other third-party funding, and/or those participating in athletics should consult those offices prior to repeating a course. Benefits or eligibility may be reduced or lost due to course repetition.

Course Repeat – the act of enrolling in the same course more than once in order to improve a grade or understanding of course content.