Grading Policy

South Puget Sound seeks to provide consistent grading options for credit courses.  The grading policy is as follows:
Instructors are responsible for explaining their grading policies at the beginning of each course in adherence to the options below. This will be in the form of a course syllabus. The following is the college definition of each grade:
A         (4.00) Superior achievement
A-        (3.67)
B+       (3.33)
B         (3.00) High achievement
B-        (2.67)
C+       (2.33)
C         (2.00) Satisfactory achievement
C-        (1.67)
D+       (1.33)
D         (1.00) Minimum achievement
F          (0.00) Failure to meet minimum course requirement
I           Incomplete. Student has not completed specific requirements for a class due to extenuating circumstances beyond the student’s control. No grade points calculated. (See note #1)
N         Audit. No grade points calculated.
P         Progressing. No grade points calculated.
S         Satisfactory completion at or above the 2.0 level. No grade points calculated. (See note #2)
U         Unsatisfactory completion of the course below a 2.0 level. No grade points calculated. (See note #2)
V         At the instructor’s discretion, this grade may be assigned when a student ceases attendance before sufficient data to evaluate has been submitted. Student must have stopped attending by the 40th day. No grade points calculated at SPSCC; other schools may convert V’s to F’s when determining transfer eligibility or recalculating GPA’s.
W        Student withdrawal. No grade points calculated.
Y         Course in progress. For continuous enrollment courses and courses with calendars that extend beyond one quarter. No grade points calculated.

  1. Prior to issuing an “I” grade, the professor must complete an “Incomplete Agreement” form indicating what requirements must be completed, the expected completion date and method of evaluation. The form must be signed by the instructor and the student. Failure to complete the requirements in the agreed upon time frame (no longer than the end of the subsequent quarter) will result in a grade of “F” for the class.
  2. Some courses will be graded satisfactory/unsatisfactory. Certain courses are graded in this manner due to the nature or content of the course.  Faculty may offer this option in classes that are generally evaluated with letter grades by including the option in their course syllabus.