Abandoned Student Tools Procedure

Upon observation by SPSCC staff and/or faculty members in a professional-technical program that a student has abandoned their tools/toolbox in a shop or classroom after the student leaves the program, the staff/faculty member(s) will communicate with the division administrative assistant. Then, the division administrative assistant will attempt to contact the student/tool owner as follows:
1. First an email will be sent to the student requesting that the tools/toolbox be collected during business hours from a SPSCC representative at the earliest convenience.
2. After 30 days from the original email sent to the student, if the tools/toolbox remain unclaimed, the division administrative assistant will send a letter (on college letterhead) to the student’s last known address to request that the tools/toolbox be collected during business hours at a scheduled time.
3. After two quarters have elapsed since the letter was sent to the student and the tools/toolbox remain unclaimed, the tools/toolbox will be defined as “abandoned” and thus the tools/toolbox will become the property of SPSCC.
• The College assumes no liability for the loss or damage of students’ personal property if property has been abandoned.
• After ownership has transferred to SPSCC, the college will assess a nominal sale price on the set of tools/toolbox, if available, based on the tiers of $25, $50, $75, or $100 depending on the market value of the tools/toolboxes.
• Designated college personnel will then work to offer the tools/toolbox for sale to relevant professional-technical students in need. Only professional-technical students who meet all the following criteria will be eligible to purchase an abandoned set of tools/toolbox (if available):
o successfully completed 60 credits towards degree completion;
o vocalized economic/financial need for assistance purchasing tools to secure relevant employment; and
o actively seeking employment in the relevant professional-technical industry.
• Proceeds will be returned to the relevant SPSCC program/department and/or the SPSCC Foundation to support students/student needs.