BEdA Progression Procedure

Progression policy requirements will be included in all Basic Education for Adults syllabi and discussed with students in a Basic Education for Adults orientation and at the beginning of each course. Students will be informed of their academic progress by the instructor at the end of each course.

At the end of the second quarter, students who are registering for the same course for the third quarter will develop an Individual Success Plan with faculty. The Individual Success Plan will be informed by a review of student progress and will reiterate the progression policy requirements and procedure, and to outline expectations and consequences. A copy of the Individual Success Plan will be placed in the student file.

A student will not be allowed to enroll in the same course more than three times per State Board policy. However, consistent with SPSCC policy, any student who wishes to enroll beyond the three-quarter allowance may pay for each course at the out-of-state tuition rate.