CTE Dual Credit Enrollment Procedures


To enroll, students must request to earn college credit by completing registration in the state-wide SERS application during the year they are taking the CTE Dual Credit articulated course at the high school.  They must earn a “B” or better grade in the course at the high school for college credit to be awarded.  Detailed information and enrollment steps can be found on the CTE Dual Credit Admissions webpage.


To have CTE Dual credit earned from an SPSCC articulated course transcribed, students must fill out the CTE Dual Credit & Transfer of Credit Application.  This application both admits the student to SPSCC and transcribes their earned credit from SERS. 

Further information about the CTE Dual Credit program, FAQs, parent access to student records and grades & transcripts can be found on the Dual Credit Programs FAQs & Records Information webpage.