CLEP Examinations Procedures

College Level Examination Program (CLEP/DANTES) – Examinations are accepted if students score above the ACE recommended score normally 50). The distribution of credits must be no more than 10credits in each of the following areas: English, natural sciences, mathematics, humanities and social sciences/history. Students are responsible for forwarding CLEP exam records directly from the College Board to the Enrollment Services Office. Test scores in the General Examination are not equated with specific course descriptions in the college catalog. Students with English scores above the 50 are not exempt from ENGL& 101 or 102 requirements. CLEP English scores and credits can be applied toward communications or humanities credit with the exception of ENGL& 101 and 102. Acceptable test scores and credits granted can be applied to the General Education List requirements. Students may receive credit in areas in which you have not already earned 10 credits. Students who have earned college course credit prior to taking the General Examination may earn credit in each of the five examination areas to the extent that the total course credits and examination credits do not exceed 10 in any general area.