Facility Work Request Procedure


Creating a Work Request: 

  • The form for submitting a Facility Work Request is located on the College website under the menu button in the upper right corner
  • Then click on the Employees tab and scroll down to "Common Service Requests"
  • Click on the Facility Work Request link. This will take you to the Work Request entry HTML page.
  • Click on the Work Request Entry tab in the left margin. 
    • If the issue or need you are reporting is related to a building, select the Building button. If the issue or need is related to grounds, select the Outdoors button.
  • Type of Request - click on the menu arrow button to select the type of work being requested. Selecting the most appropriate work type will help Facilities dispatch the request to the appropriate technician. 
    • Custodial: Select this option for special cleaning needs or for a task that has been missed or needs additional attention. For urgent or immediate needs during business hours, please call the Facilities Office at 5493. After business hours please call 5222.
    • Events: Select this option if you are planning an event and need special set up, tear down or cleaning. This includes custodial, maintenance and grounds assistance.
    • Grounds: Select this option for anything related to grounds, landscape, or parking lots.
    • Moves: Select this option for the relocation of furniture and equipment. NOTE: Requests for office moves should be routed through your Dean or VP. Once approved, a work request can be entered.
    • Maintenance: Select this option for maintenance needs such as issues related to heating, cooling, electrical, plumbing, building leaks, or any other building system problems. For urgent or immediate needs, lease call the Facilities Office at 5493.
  • Contact Information - Provide your name, phone number, and email address. This information will be used to contact you with any questions as well as to provide status updates.
  • Building – Select the building from the drop down list provided.
  • Location of problem – Please identify the location of the problem or need – entire building; room specified by room number and/or any other details that will assist staff in addressing the problem.
  • Description - Provide a brief description of the problem or task needed.
  • Submit the work request. You will be provided a work request number to reference if you have any questions or wish to contact facilities staff. 
    • If you need to make changes to the work request, please call 5216. Do not create a new work request. 

Work Request Processing: 

  • The submitted work request is received by Facilities through the Megamation system.
  • The work request will be reviewed to determine if further information is required and assigned and dispatched to facilities staff.
  • After the work request is assigned, an email will be sent to the requestor notifying them of the receipt of the work request and will include the name and contact information of the facilities staff member assigned to the request.
  • If the request is complex or requires an extensive amount of work, the maintenance supervisor may schedule a conference to further plan the best course of action to complete the work request.
  • Once the work request is completed, facilities staff will close the work request and the requester will be sent a notification that the work is complete.