Security Camera Installation and Use Procedure


South Puget Sound Community College (SPSCC) Safety and Security Department will coordinate with SPSCC Information Technology (IT) Department to ensure the quality and integrity of the camera systems by: 

  • Identifying appropriate camera placement 
  • Taking measures to ensure privacy 
  • Appropriately managing the monitoring and retention of recordings 
  • Assessing hardware and software for quality and interoperability 
  • Advising on the feasibility of camera placement 

Camera Placement 

Cameras will be located to prioritize personal privacy. No audio will be recorded. Camera placement must not violate the standard of a reasonable expectation of privacy. All installed cameras should be visible. Facilities with cameras will be marked with signage. The exact location, number, and function of all cameras will be considered confidential and not be released to the general public, guests, or employees. 

Access and Monitoring for Official Business 

Cameras are not actively monitored. Video recordings are viewed upon report of a possible crime or college policy violation. Information obtained from the cameras will be used exclusively for the investigation of alleged criminal matters and college policy violations. Campus Safety and Security will handle information with an appropriate level of confidentiality to protect against unauthorized access, alteration, or disclosure of video recordings. 

For the purposes of an investigation, the Director of Campus Safety and Security may authorize the viewing or release of camera images in response to an alleged violation of college policy or criminal statute that has been reported. In cases where the alleged violation may implicate a college employee, the Director of Campus Safety and Security will release the collected evidence to the campus executive human resource officer. 

Campus Safety and Security will maintain a log of all instances of use of recorded material. The log will include the name of the person(s) to whom access was provided and the date. This log will be discarded in accordance with the State Government General Record Retention Schedule. 

Requests for Records 

Requests for records associated with security cameras, including but not limited to requests for video recordings, will be processed by Campus Safety and Security and will be in accordance with applicable college, state, and federal policies/laws. 

Storage and Retention of Recordings 

No attempt shall be made to alter any part of any video recording. Security camera recordings are viewed in a secure location and camera hardware is configured to prevent tampering or duplicating. All records related to security camera operations will be stored in a secure location, either on campus or through a cloud-based solution. Access to the storage location will be limited to those who have access to security camera feeds or employees authorized to perform infrastructure maintenance. 

SPSCC will maintain all security camera records in accordance with the Washington State Government General Records Retention Schedule and the Community and Technical College Records Retention Schedule.