Emergency Operations Plan Procedure


The complete text of the College's Emergency Operations Plan, Annex's and attachments may be found at: https://spscc.edu/campus-security/emergency-operations-plan.

1.  Campus Closures/Disruptions

Inclement weather, natural disasters, power outages or other disruptions may interrupt the College operations. Generally, decisions about closing the College will be made by 5:30 a.m. on the day in question, and the authority to close the campus resides with the College President or designee. Information about emergency closure is available at http://www.flashalert.net. You can setup a free account with FlashAlert and have an email automatically sent to alert you of important information affecting the college.  Local radio and television stations also broadcast closure information or other instructions.

2.  Emergency Alerts

The College primary alert methods are Campus Safety Alert, Group Paging, Campus digital signage and FlashAlert.net.

Omnilert can send email and SMS text messages to cell phones, pagers or any other device capable of receiving text messages.  Omnilert is free to users.

Group Paging utilizes the ShoreTel phone system.  When an alert is sent the phone will emit a tone followed by specific information and instructions regarding the incident.

3.  Natural Hazard Mitigation

SPSCC participates in the Natural Hazard Mitigation Plan for the Thurston County Region and the specifics of SPSCC's plan may be found at http://www.trpc.org/regionalplanning/publications/Pag.es/NaturalHazardsMitigationPlan.aspx.