Campus Safety, Security, and Access Control Procedure


Campus Access:
As a community college, access to the campus is normally not restricted during regular hours of operation. Campus security services are provided twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. Entrance gates may be locked in the event of an emergency or if the college is closed due to snow or ice.

Building Access:
College facilities are generally open from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM, Monday through Friday. Certain offices and departments may be open at other times to meet specific needs, and summer hours may vary. Personnel who use buildings after they have been secured are responsible for ensuring that office lights are turned off and the exit door locked when they leave.

Key Requests:
The administration of campus keys and card access resides with Campus Security. Employees will be issued appropriate keys or access cards upon hire. Any future key requests must have proper approval and can be submitted to the Security Office using the Key Authorization/Record form found on the college website. The loss of keys or access card must be reported immediately to Security.

Parking and Traffic Rules:
Campus Security is responsible for enforcing parking and traffic rules. Traffic laws of the State of Washington apply on the college campuses. Parking permits are not currently required, but no vehicle shall be parked except in an appropriate designated parking space.

Criminal Offenses:
The U.S. Department of Education and the Jeanne Clery Act require all colleges that participate in Federal financial aid programs to provide information about campus safety policies & procedures, and statistics on certain crimes committed on or near campus. This information is available in the Security Office and on the college website. The Olympia and Lacey Police Departments have law enforcement jurisdiction at the respective campuses and are responsible for investigating criminal activities at these locations.

Crime Prevention:
People need to be aware of what is going on around them. They should take precautions and establish safeguards that reduce the risk of becoming a victim.

Simple safety suggestions:

  • Keep vehicles locked
  • Do not walk alone, especially at night
  • Request an escort from Security
  • Keep valuables left in your vehicle out of sight
  • Do not leave valuables unattended in a building or classroom
  • Report suspicious activities to Security or law enforcement

For more information about crime prevention, contact the Security Office.

Lost and Found:
Campus Security maintains the lost and found property log and storage locker in the Security Office in Building 25.  Items unclaimed for two quarters may be disposed of or donated to a local non-profit organization.  Unclaimed bicycles will be kept for one month.