Corporate and Continuing Education Procedure

The college’s corporate and continuing education is a key resource for quality education and training services for our area’s employers and community members. Corporate education offerings are developed based on the needs and goals of business, industry and state agencies in Thurston County. Continuing Education classes are designed to offer personal enrichment opportunities to our community.
• All corporate and continuing education course records describing the nature of the course and how many courses are delivered are maintained in the college’s ctcLink system.
• Student learning outcomes are established in partnership with the agencies and instructors who are experts in their fields.
• Continuing Education Units are provided through the college’s enterprise reporting system and based on state guidelines of a ration of value of credits to hours.
• If an offering is delivered for college credit it will follow college’s established review and approval process.
• Course evaluation is conducted by participants at the conclusion of each course.
• If an offering is delivered for college credit the refund policy matches the college’s established refund policy.
• If the offering is delivered as a non-credit class, the refund policy is 100% if a student withdraws 5 business days before the first class.