Background Checks

1.  Notification of the background check requirements shall be included in the job announcements. 
2.    All offers of employment must clearly state in writing the offer is contingent based upon a pre-employment background check. The background check must be completed prior to the start of employment, an offer may be made contingent on the background check.
3.    Human Resources conducts background checks through a third party.
4.    Criminal convictions may, but do not automatically, exclude a person for consideration for employment.
5.    The factors used to determine whether criminal background checks are considered in the hiring decision will include, but are not limited to, whether the position involves:
         a)    Regular unsupervised access to children and minors, developmentally disabled or vulnerable adults;
         b)    Direct access to, or control over, cash, checks, credit cards, and/or credit card account information, or authority to commit financial resources of the College through contracts greater than $300;
         c)    Direct access to, or control over medical information for faculty, staff and students;
         d)    Responsibility for operating College-Owned vehicles for the purpose of transporting students, employees and others;
         e)    Control over campus business processes; either through functional roles or system security access;
         f)     Access to personal identifying information about students, faculty, staff or alumni;
         g)    Access to controlled substances;
         h)    Possession of master or sub-master keys for building access;
         i)     Representing or serving the College as a licensed or accredited professional.
6.    The Background Check will include Social Security Trace, National Sex Offender Search, Global Watch List, National Criminal Records Search, and Current County Criminal Search.   
7.    Human Resources will receive the background check reports.  If no offense or disqualifying conduct is identified the Vice President or Chief Officer is notified that they may proceed with the job offer or confirmation of employment.
8.    If an offense or conduct that may be potentially disqualifying is identified, the Chief Human Resource Officer will inform the Vice President or Chief Officer of the offense.
9.    The Vice President or Chief Officer in consultation with the Chief Human Resource Officer will make the determination to offer the position to the prospective employee based on at least the following:
         a)    The nature and the gravity of the offense or conduct;
         b)    The time that has passed since the offense, conduct and or completion of sentence;
         c)    The nature of the position sought; and
         d)    The relationship to the position sought
10.    Existing employees who are hired into a new position that is different from their current position, will be will be subject to a background check.   
11.    Employees with a 12-month break from the college will be subject to a background check upon rehire.
12.    The Leadership Team member, along with the Chief Human Resource Officer, will explain their job offer decision to the full Leadership Team for informational purposes to help maintain a system that is equitably applied across the college. 
13.    The Human Resources Office will prepare an annual report regarding background checks including at least the following:
         a)    How many background checks were completed
         b)    What potential disqualifying crimes or conduct were identified
         c)    Decisions made based on the potential disqualifying crimes or conduct
         d)    Staff time and cost estimate of completing the background checks
14.    All information relative to the background check and decision will be handled in a highly confidential manner in accordance with established Human Resource practices.