Reasonable Accommodation Procedure

Reasonable Accommodation Process

Employees requesting an accommodation should work with their supervisor and Human Resources to follow the procedures outlined below:

1. Employee has the responsibility to notify their supervisor or Human Resources of a need for a reasonable accommodation.

2. Once notified, the supervisor will work with Human Resources to begin the process of working with the employee to develop a proper response to the employee’s request.

3. The employee will be given a “Reasonable Accommodation Request" form; the form will be filled out by the employee requesting the accommodation, if the employee chooses not to fill out the form Human Resources staff will fill out the form.

4. Human Resources in conjunction with the supervisor will begin the interactive process with the employee to determine what, if any, accommodation should be provided. This means that the employee and the employer must communicate with each other about the request, the precise nature of the issue that is generating the request and possible alternatives that may be effective in meeting the individual’s needs. The employer must begin the interactive process with the employee within fourteen (14) days of receipt of the Reasonable Accommodation Request form.

5. Communication is a priority throughout the entire interactive process, both the individual making the request and the decision maker should work together to identify an effective accommodation.

6. If there are employee collective bargaining agreements in place, the employer must comply with the laws and regulations regarding accommodations and the collective bargaining agreement.

7. The employer will make the final decision regarding the granting of a reasonable accommodation, and the type of accommodation granted.

8. If the employee is dissatisfied with the accommodation granted, the employee may request a reconsideration of the request to the Executive Human Resource Officer within fourteen (14) days of the decision.