Policy and Procedure Development Procedure

Vice Presidents and Executives (Stewards) or their designees are responsible for the development and regular review of policies and procedures in their area.

Instruction Division

All Instructional Policies (new or revised) must go through the SPSCC Instructional Council Policy Committee for consideration, with the exception of policies passed by state or federal legislation. State and federal instructional policy legislation will come directly to the SPSCC Instructional Council for approval and adoption.

  1. Once the SPSCC Instructional Council Policy Committee has reviewed the new/revised policy, the chair of the committee will bring the new/revised policy to the Instructional Council.  
  2. Once discussed at the Instructional Council, the new/revised policy will go to the faculty body for discussion at division meetings for feedback to the Instructional Policy Committee.
  3. Feedback from the faculty body will be included in the new/revised policy and returned to the Instructional Council for full discussion and a final vote.  
  4. Policies that are approved by the Instructional Council will be adopted by the college.

All Other Divisions


  1. Responsible administrative area develops the draft policy or procedure according to the Guidelines for Policies and Procedures.
  2. The draft goes to the Executive Leadership Team.
  3. The draft goes to the AFT President.
  4. The draft goes to the Diversity and Equity Advisory Committee.
  5. The Executive Leadership Team recommends draft to President.
  6. The President determines how the policy or procedure moves forward. The President can approve the draft policy or procedure, or decide if the draft policy or procedure should go through the following process.

    a.  The draft is presented to the President’s Advisory Group (PAG) and/or other relevant Governance committees, by the relevant Vice President or Executive, for input and/or recommendations.

    b.  Policy or procedure developer reviews input from the committees and prepares final draft and presents it to the Executive Leadership Team.

    c.  Executive Leadership Team makes recommendation to the President.

    d.  President makes final decision.

    e.  Policy or Procedure is created or updated and published to the website by an author approved by the President, Vice President or Executive, or a member of the web team.


  1. Responsible administrative area reviews policy or procedure for clarity, consistency and currency.
  2. If no changes are needed, the Vice President or designee confirms that a review of the policy or procedure was completed, and the last review date field is updated by an approved author.


  1. Responsible administrative area develops policy or procedure revision.
  2. Revised policy or procedure is brought to the Executive Leadership Team for recommendation to the President.
  3. President decides to accept recommendation and revision is implemented; or if the President deems the change to be substantial, then the revision goes through step 6, a. through e. of the Policy or Procedure development process outlined above.