Solicitation of Funds

College-sponsored fundraising events are defined as events which are organized and held (in full or in part) by some body or department of the college (e.g. the associated student body, the humanities division, student programs office) for the purpose of raising money for that body, department, or another designated recipient.

To avoid duplicitous or repetitious requests for donations or sponsorship, the following fundraising efforts by student or employee groups must be approved and coordinated by the Foundation Office:

1)      Solicitations of local businesses, foundations, community organizations or individuals.

2)      Sports sponsorships.

3)      Fundraising events (excludes events sponsored by student clubs, unless the event includes community involvement).

4)      Campaigns targeting community residents.

5)      Corporations or businesses to be approached for purchase of tickets valued at more than $50 (i.e. seats at tables for events).

In addition to Foundation support, all student fundraising projects must have the approval of the Vice President for Student Services.

A receipt, including the name and address of any business or entity which donates items valued at more than $50, must be provided to the Foundation Office within 10 days of receipt of the gift.