Distribution and Posting of Materials Procedures

Permission for the posting of materials and literature on college property is not required in designated posting areas on the campus.

Permission for the posting of materials and literature in non-designated spaces on college property shall be obtained from the following college officials: 

1. The Dean of Student Engagement and Retention for the posting of materials in non-designated areas in the Student Union Building, the Center for Student Success, hallways, within buildings, and those areas located on campus outside of college buildings. No posting will be allowed on railings unless paint protection devices are used. 

2. Permission for any such postings must have the prior approval of the Dean of Student Engagement and Retention. 

3. The appropriate college vice president for permission for the dissemination and distribution of materials in other areas of the college campus, buildings, or facilities.

In addition, the following apply to the posting of materials:   

4. No posting of obscene materials.   

5. No materials will be posted or tacked on trees or the covered walkway gazebo(s). 

There are two(2) types of designated boards for the posting of materials: 

  • Public Boards: These boards are open for public posting of information. Separate boards are available to general posting (housing rental information, educational transfer information, and for individuals selling/buying personal items such as bikes, furniture, etc). To serve the largest number and to allow for fair access for all individuals, materials posted on these general-use boards will remain in place for a period of two (2) weeks. Following this period, the entire board will be cleared off by the Student Life Office. It is the responsibility of the individual(s) posting their materials to retrieve their information prior to the clearing of the board if they wish to retain them. Materials posted on public boards are not screened for content prior to posting.
  • College Boards: These boards are designated for use by college staff and officially sanctioned groups for notices about events, academic offerings, employment opportunities, and other college business. Any public postings on these board will be immediately removed and discarded by the Student Life Office. Individual boards will be clearly identified as either public or college boards. Officially sanctioned clubs may have access to additional posting opportunities such as campus A-boards, digital TV screens, and banner space. Access to these opportunities will be granted per Student Life processes and procedures.