SPSCC Naming Procedure

Naming Tributes

Two circumstances generally give rise to a naming tribute:

  1. Naming in Recognition of Distinguished Service may honor a gift of time or talent that has had a significant positive impact on the College over an extended period of years.  Such honor is at the discretion of the Board.  The President of the College, or a committee appointed by the President, is charged with determining whether the person proposed is worthy of the honor, as well as the degree of internal and external support for the proposed naming, prior to submitting to the Board of Trustees for approval.
  2. A gift of monetary value appropriate to the facility, program or fund being named. Cost may be broadly defined such as construction, with or without fees, operations, maintenance, equipment, furnishings, etc. Contribution levels will be determined based on size, location, and function.

Giving levels for the naming of physical property should be established through consultation among the College Trustees, Foundation Directors, and President.  Some general guidelines include:

  1. New construction, buildings or improvements may be named for a donor who has made a substantial monetary gift toward the cost of the project. 
  2. For existing buildings and facilities, dollar amounts will be established for a selected number of naming opportunities based on institutional priorities set by the President and the College Board of Trustees. 
  3. Giving levels may be established with either fixed or minimum dollar amounts for sponsorship of other physical property on campus.  Such property may include, but is not limited to, pavers, benches, planters, fountains, gardens, equipment, musical instruments, meeting rooms, lounges, theaters, artwork, recreational facilities, and outdoor plazas.  Amounts for these naming opportunities will be set and adjusted periodically by the President in consultation with the Trustees and the Executive Committee of the Foundation.

 Naming Consideration

Any legal impropriety on the part of the donor may bring into reconsideration the gift and the name subject. The College President and/or College Board reserves the right to withdraw the privilege of name association with South Puget Sound Community College should future particular acts and circumstances warrant.

  1. Possible name change of the corporate or single donor.
  2. Possible name change of marital donors, in the case of divorce or separation.
  3. Termination of named program because it no longer meets College needs.

The following criteria shall be considered in the selection of names:

  • Significant financial contribution to the College and/or Foundation by an individual, business, and/or organization.
  • The College President, upon advice and consent from the College Board of Trustees and/or the Foundation Board of Directors, may require that a background check be performed on a donor (living or deceased) or designee based upon particular facts and circumstances.  If a background check is determined to be necessary, the donor (donor’s executor) or designee shall be required to sign an authorization allowing the background check.

Endowments for Programs and Scholarships

Endowed funds established for a variety of purposes may also bear the donor’s or designee’s name.  These funds are generally coordinated by the Foundation in accordance with the Investment and Gift Acceptance policies.  Endowment minimums are established by the Foundation and are regularly reviewed for currency and appropriateness.

Rights and Responsibilities

The College President and Vice President for Advancement, in negotiation with the donor, Foundation directors, or other appropriate parties, shall make resolution recommendations to the Board of Trustees related to naming including, but not limited, to the following:

  1. Public announcements:  the right to determine content, timing, location and frequency of any announcements associated with the gift.
  2. Physical markers:  the right to approve the color, design, and size of any physical marker that provides information about the designee or donor and/or the nature of the gift or honor.
  3. Care and maintenance:  the right and responsibility to determine and carry out the exact nature of any ongoing care and maintenance of any memorial or tribute gifts or their physical markers.

General Provisions

  1. No naming will be approved or (once approved) continued that will call into serious question the public respect of the College. Naming recognition shall enhance the reputation and prestige of the College and the donor.  The credentials, character and reputation of each individual, organization or corporation for whom the naming of a building is being considered shall be carefully scrutinized and evaluated.  Nominations submitted for consideration must be accompanied by appropriate documentation.
  2. Where a building or part of a building has been named, the College will continue to use the name so long as the building, part or facility remains in use and serves its original function, unless otherwise stipulated at the time of gift acceptance.  When the use of a building, room, or facility is changed such that it must be demolished, substantially renovated, rebuilt due to forces of nature, the College may retain the use of the name or name another comparable room, facility or landscape features.
  3. It is the responsibility of individuals negotiating on behalf of the College to advise potential benefactors that their gift may be recognized by naming, subject to approvals and decisions being consistent with this policy.
  4. Commitments made prior to adoption of this procedure shall be honored.
  5. Generally, the donation may be made in cash or a legally binding pledge and shall be paid within the specified years of the pledge for the naming of the facility unless other written arrangements are made.  A portion of the gift may be in the form of an irrevocable trust or contractual bequest. 
  6. The Board of Trustees reserves the right to remove names from facilities, programs, or landscape areas when the gift remains unpaid beyond the pledge-year limit or the agreed upon date.  Should this occur, the board may seek a naming opportunity that would be proportionate to the value of the gift already realized.

In the absence of a formal name approved by the Trustees, building functions shall serve as the official name.

In making requests, the following information is to be submitted according to the following format:

  1. Institution Name
  2. A detailed request, citing the facility or landscape area in question, the proposed name, the existing name, if any, etc.; and
  3. Justification, including relevant information as to the nature and duration of the individual’s affiliation with College.  If naming is a stipulation of the gift, the request must explain the proposed arrangement.  If the gift represents partial or total funding of the construction, remodeling for renovation, the following information must be included:
    1. A timetable for project implementation;
    2. Relationship of the project to the institution’s long-range plans;
    3. Source and status of capital budget funds needed in addition to the gift; and
    4. Operating budget implications and sources of funds.

The Board of Trustees adopts this procedure as a guide in all instances involving formal recognition of distinguished service and financial support to South Puget Sound Community College (SPSCC) through the South Puget Sound Community College Foundation.