Mandatory Reporting of Child Abuse Procedure


Employees who are required under law to report child abuse (mandatory) include any academic, administrative and athletic employees, including student employees in the athletic department.  All other employees may make any report directly to the Director of Security (or designee in her/his absence), who must make a report to the proper law enforcement agency or the department of social and health services.

Any report of child abuse must include as much detail as possible and must include the identity of the accused, if known.  Detail includes:

1.  The name, address of the child;

2.  The name, address of the child's parents, stepparents, guardians, or other persons having custody of the child;

3.  The nature and extent of the alleged injury or injuries;

4.  The nature and extent of the alleged neglect;

5.  The nature and extent of the alleged sexual abuse;

6.  Any evidence of previous injuries, including their nature and extent;

7.  Any other information that may be helpful in establishing the cause of the child's injury, injuries or death;

8.  The identity of the alleged perpetrator or perpetrators.

The reporting requirement above does NOT apply to the discovery of abuse or neglect that occurred during childhood if it is discovered after the child has become an adult.  However, if there is reasonable cause to believe other children are or may be at risk of abuse or neglect by the accused, the reporting requirement does apply and a report must be made.

Any person reporting alleged child abuse or neglect in good faith shall be immune from any legal liability arising out of such reporting.  A person, who in good faith, cooperates in an investigation of a report of child abuse or neglect shall not be subject to civil liability arising out of his or her cooperation.  Hiowever, a person who, intentionally and in bad faith, knowingly makes a false report of alleged abuse or neglect or fails to report the alleged abuse or neglect may be guilty of a misdemeanor and violation of college policy.

South Puget Sound Community College ensuers that this policy is communicated annually to all employees so that they have knowledge of their reporting responsibilities.