Web Printing

Web Printing services will be available on public printers in various locations on both the Olympia and Lacey campuses.  

Classroom printers will not be enabled with web printing functionality to avoid classroom interruptions from remote print jobs.

Web Printing Instructions

Printing can be done from any device - not just college-owned technology.  You can log in from your laptop, tablet or phone and print to several designated printers in public spaces on all campuses.

STUDENTS:  Visit print.spscc.edu and Login using your @spscc.edu credentials

FACULTY AND STAFF:  Visit staffprint.spscc.edu and Login using your @spscc.edu credentials.

Choose the printer closest to your location.

Upload your document—Excel, Word, PDF and XPS files are all accepted.

Pages from these printers will be charged at the same per-page rate as all other campus printers. Additional details about the Web Printing and Student Printing policies can be found online.

If you have any trouble accessing the website or using the printers, please call the IT Help Desk at 360-596-5544.

Visitors to the Economic Development Council or renters of college facilities may be issued temporary guest accounts by the EDC or College Events.  The charges for printing on those accounts will be applied to the appropriate accounts.  EDC or Events staff may or may not choose to charge back their guest account users, in which case, they will be responsible for printing charges

Toner and maintenance are managed by an external vendor.  Departments manage paper and supplies.